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mastercard's index of women entrepreneurs

The Mastercard Index measures female entrepreneurs’ ability to capitalize on opportunities granted through various supporting conditions within their local environments.

Engaging Africa’s Young Girls with Technology

Girls4Tech™ workshops introduced in Africa in 2017 focus on driving interest in STEM Young girls in Africa face overwhelming barriers to education caused by socio and economic challenges, widening the gender gap. Mastercard is working [...]

What is most inspiring is that the average entrepreneur in the country is a female between 18-34 years old with at least secondary education and working in the customer service sector.

Sally Mwasaru, has been Manager at Cake City in Nairobi, Kenya since November 2012 Cake City and the store has made tremendous growth and in a span of few months grasped all the cake lovers. They have introduced new innovative cashless payment solutions such as Masterpass QR to make it easier for their customers. Her ambition is to serve and many have seen them grow from one humble branch to five branches so far and still growing.

Edi – A single mother of two, to Edi her shop is the lifeline for her family. “This shop is everything to me,” she said. “Everything for my two kids and my father, who I take care of comes from here.” The shop that Edi owns is a tiny shack in Kawangwari from where she sells fruits, vegetables, dried fish and every-day things like flour, soap and detergent.

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